Spa-like bathroom remodels.

We specialize in designing and building dream bathrooms, from delicate powder rooms and hall baths to luxury master bathrooms. To determine which type of bathroom remodel is best for you, it's important to first evaluate your needs. Who will be using this bathroom? Children, guests, or yourself? How does it currently get used on a day to day basis? Does it need a tub, shower, both, or neither? How much are you wanting to invest in this bathroom? The answers to these questions will assist us in creating the most beautiful and functional space for your family's specific needs. 

Pros of a bathroom remodel:

• A more functional + relaxing space
• Adding value to your home
• Updated materials result in surfaces that are easier to clean + maintain
• Improve energy and water efficiency
• Easily customizable to specific needs + style


As with most things, there are three levels: Good, better, and best.


Custom Remodel

Custom bathroom remodels are great for those who know they will be in their home for at least another ten to twenty years and want the space to be as relaxing, practical and beautiful as possible.

Common Features:

• Updated floor plan
• Custom double vanity, linen cabinets, etc.
• Walk-in shower and free standing tub
• Heated tile floors

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Mid-Range Remodel

Mid-range remodels are more invasive than a basic remodel while still not requiring a complete demo of the space. These remodels are great for those who want to make small adjustments to the existing floor plan.

Common Features:

• Semi-custom cabinetry
• Updated floor plan if needed
• Tile flooring
• Tub + tile surround or walk-in shower

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Basic Remodel

Basic remodels are considered "pull and replace" as the original footprint typically stays the same, requiring very minimal mechanical work to be done. These are a great option for those considering selling in the future.

Common Features:

• Stock cabinetry or refinishing existing cabinetry
• Soaking tub with tile surround
• Tile floors
• Updated plumbing and lighting



Ready to freshen up your space?